MS4 spacing bug: Double-sharps get squeezed between notes

• Jan 3, 2023 - 00:33

Compare these two cases:
In B) the x gets tucked under the leger line, practically disappearing from view.
I reckon this happens simply because double-sharps are “shorter” than the other accidentals and fit in a smaller vertical space. But this results in unevenness and lack of clarity.
Default spacing should provide all accidentals equal visibility.


In reply to by DanielR

Regularity is exactly my point.
Some clever mind said once “good layout is tight layout”. I agree enthusiastically. But that doesn’t mean “always use up as much negative space as possible, because you CAN”. For this compromises legibility. And regularity AND, above all, coherence, if — as in my example — perfectly analogous passages look different, just because the shorter accidental is spaced differently and gets virtually hidden. Please check the image: it speaks for itself.
I don’t think this behaviour should be defended as a merit: Here MuseScore is rather doing too much of a good thing.
My point: double-sharps et sim. should have some kind of vertical padding, so as to guarantee visual balance in the default spacing.
Actually, what steps can be taken for this to be examined as a candidate for a bug fix?

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