Divisi and Unisson

• Jan 2, 2023 - 23:59

Is there any Divisi and Unisson feature in Musescore 4? I can't find it.


Since div./unis. are just instructions for the players and don’t “do” anything on the MIDI level (as opposed to dynamics or pizz./arco, for example), I’d just pick Staff Text of the appropriate size and type in the letters. And then copy and paste it whenever needed.

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I have a divisi on the cellos that one part is playing with arco and the other is pizz, but they all play in arco or in pizz. I add another staff to the cellos for the divisi be easier to read and even tough they are in diferent staffs they play in the same way, or arco or pizz. Is this because even tough they are in diferent staffs they belong to the same instrument? do I need to add a new cello instrument line or is there an easier way to solve this?

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Well, in this case you do need a feature with MIDI-wise consequences, just “div.” won’t cut it.
I’d say your guess is right, that this is “because even tough they are in diferent staffs they belong to the same instrument”, and creating a new cello might be the only solution (if this is just for a brief passage, that’s a pain, I agree…).
But I’m still very new to MuseScore myself, so I’ll leave the floor for the more experienced members. Good luck.

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I've just come across something where it seems like div. would actually make a big difference. I have violins 1 and 2 playing the same melody an octave apart, and it sounds fine. A few bars later, both sections play divisi, with the top line of each playing the same melody as before, and the bottom line playing it down a third. It sounds very, very different. Even with slurs for phrasing, the notes sound very disjointed when it's divisi, like MuseSounds is trying to approximate what it would sound like if it was played with double stops, If there was a divisi instruction that overrode this, I'm sure it would sound much better, but it seems like the only way to do it is to make one line not play, and copy those notes into a hidden staff that plays despite not being visible.
Edit: The "Violins 2" sound in MuseSounds seems to handle this better than the "Violins 1" sound does.

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