MS4 feature request: Real-time notation transposing ottava lines

• Jan 2, 2023 - 20:05

This was one of the few things Cubase (R.I.P.) did right: The notation of whichever notes were under or above the 8va lines got automatically transposed up or down, while the playback stayed put. And you could extend or shorten the lines dynamically, as needed.
MS works the other way round, simply transposing the playback, like Sibelius , which IMO makes little sense when writing music. For normally one KNOWS what 8ve one wants a passage in (or is inputting already existing music): The ottava sign functions simply as a visual aid, when there are too many leger lines or too little vertical space.
It shouldn’t be too difficult to implement 8va lines as described, I think. Similar to the repeat bars signs, that simultaneously copy and hide the bar contents.


The current behaviour makes a lot of sense when you are transcribing music; you just write in MuseScore what you see in the hard copy without needing to put the notes in the sounding octave before adding the 8va line. It's probably a toss up which is the most common use - composing or transcribing. I guess it could be yet another option, but transposing an octave is very simple in Musescore, just highlight the notes and use CTRL+UP/DOWN so whichever way the 8va line works there is no major effort required to put the notes where they should be.

I see no reason to move from the status quo, especially considering that any change is likely to upset someone - see the numerous posts regarding the missing save button or the change from "+" to "T" to add a tie.

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