Muse sounds & classical gruitar

• Jan 2, 2023 - 19:18

is anyone preparing some reliable soundfonts for classical guitar? ... or should I keep dreaming?


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Thanks for the contribution, but in the last few decades the classical guitar has evolved from the point of view of "expressions".

In addition to the standard touch (al volo) we have the apoyado touch, the tremolos, the legato, the torn legato, the slap, the Bartok slap, the fingertip touch, etc
If you want my library "in progress" give me you email address

Regarding if Muse sounds will add a classical guitar, the Muse sounds team ARE MAKING Muse guitars. I just don't know much info about it. Neither do most people. But they are also making Marching percussion, opera voices & jazz. And they are also fixing muse sampler bugs. So we just have to wait.

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Currently I am using the Cimbasso sound for Euphonium in band scores , the timbre is similar, the problem is that it doesnt have the same extension and high notes above the staff are mute, therefore in cases when there are high notes I use either the trombone sound of Muse Hub or the Euphonium sound of old Soundfont.

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