Muse Hub Sounds download location

• Jan 2, 2023 - 18:25

Hi all,
I just changed the location of the MuseSounds Library to an external drive from the default location. Now Muse Hub doesn't start up again. It tries to install a new helper and can't connect to it. That's why it told me to reach out for support.

Here is what I did:
1. I hit the 'get' button for the string sounds.
2. When it took a while to download, I realized this was going to take a lot of HDD space and decided to use an external 1TB drive to store all sound libraries.
3. After the strings download concluded, I copied the 'Instrument' directory (top directory containing the strings) to the new location, deleted it from the default location, and redefined the location in the Muse Hub settings. I don't remember exactly, but this may have started a new download.
4. I quit Muse Hub, and after restarting, Muse Hub asked to install a new helper. I allowed this but it failed to install.
5. Now Muse Hub won't start up anymore.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

3 a. While doing that, I clicked outside of the browser window, which caused it to disappear. Right-clicking the path again to select Change Location, didn't work after that and I had to quit Muse Hub and restart it.


This applies to Ubuntu Linux, and you'll need superuser (or Admin, or the like) permissions. During the process (documented in this link: ) I was cautious and checked things along the way. Seems to work OK, now having the MuseSounds stored where I want them, and MS4 can access them.

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