Using 2 versions at the same time

• Jan 2, 2023 - 16:06

I use musescore 3 as the main version, now i'm also starting to use musescore 4 only because it has good sounds. And i saw that the icons for the .mscz has changed to the new one, and when i click onto one it opened musescore 4 instead.
I want that for certain files when i clicked on them it will open musescore 3 and the same thing for musescore 4, if their icons could also change then it would be nice.


I've used Ubuntu Linux most heavily for 2022, so I'm a bit foggy with macOS & Windows. I believe the file extension - as you mention '.mscz' - is the determining factor in what program gets started. Nothing deeper than the name, not any versioning of what MS2, MS3 or MS4 created that '.mscz' file. I doubt you'd be able to get what you want...

It can't be done. The operating system deals with such things and it can associates the .mscz file extension with only one program at a time. As the same file extension is used for both MU3 and MU4 scores the operating system has no way to know which version of Musescore to use and it uses the one that is currently associated with .mscz files unless you tell it differently - in Windows, right clicking on a file gives you the option "Open with ..." which will allow you to select MU4 or Mu3. If the icon has changed to the new darker version, then it seems the default will be to open with MU4.

One way to keep track of which version each score should use would be to adopt a naming convention for score files - e.g. MyScoreMU3.mscz for version 3 scores and MyScoreMU4 for version 4 scores. Alternatively, you could use a storage convention - saving scores in separate folders for MU3 and for MU4 versions; indeed, the default folders are different, but that convention doesn't suit everyone.

The same difficulty arose when version 3 superseded version 2 and it was very annoying for the first few months. However, eventually the majority of my scores ended up as version 3 scores and only very occasionally do I need to fire up version 2 to look at an older version score. I then generally sort out the formatting differences and save as a version 3 file. Once I start using version 4 for new works (I'm waiting for some of the nastier wrinkles to get ironed out first) I am sure the same thing will happen and the majority of my scores will end up as version 4 files.

I hope you are aware that if you open a MU3 score in MU4 and then save it, it becomes impossible to open it again in MU3. It is safest to save from MU4 with a new file name. If you do overwrite a MU3 score with a MU4 version, all is not lost. You can export from MU4 as musicxml and that can be opened in MU3 with little or no loss of information.

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Make MU3 the default application for .mscz files.

In Windows right click on a file brings up a menu with an option "Open with..." This gives options for which program to use for that file type. There is also a tick box to always usecthat program for that file type. You can also make the association of MU3 with .mscz files via the Windows settings menu. In the Apps section you should see a liar of all the file types that have programs associated with them. You can change the association for .mscz files

But this is an operating system setting, not a Musescore setting. Other operating systems may have different ways of doing things A google of "how to specify which program will open a file" should find more detailed instructions.

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