Chord symbols problem

• Jan 2, 2023 - 05:35

Hi there, I like to use the chord symbols tool for adding rhythm counting above or below the stave. That requires my using the '&' sign, which I've been able to do in all other versions of Musescore. When I tried entering it in Musescore 4, I would press the space bar to move to the next note and a text would automatically be inserted 'amp;'. This doesn't seem to appear when I enter another symbol such as '$'.

Many thanks for your help and I look forward to using the new version soon.

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The use of ascii signs other than those intended for writing chord symbols is 'out of order', we agree, and, moreover, the Musescore parser is not mistaken: what does not respect the chord syntax appears in red.
However, the use of Kaylie6132 is very handy, for example by using a '|' or '!' sign on the beat slot, it allows to show in a rigorously positioned way the location of the beat (using ; ); it's more complicated to obtain with a staff text that must be carefully set up.
A priori, several signs are still allowed in MU4, but '&' is 'ejected' and displays the HTML code of ampersand.
One can hardly complain, since this misuse is probably out of specification...
To get around this, I suggest to Kaylie6132 to test another sign, simply.

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Thank you, I would otherwise use the plus sign, however when writing for drum kit, it can be easily confused with the '+' sign for closed hi hat. I'd rather not have a symbol with 2 competing meanings, however commonsensical it might be. I'll keep using Musescore 3 for now.

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