Emergency! My Score is Crashing and this is a commission

• Jan 2, 2023 - 03:21

I was really excited for the development and release of musescore 4 but this version is extremely unstable. I cannot export my document as a pdf or mp3 and I do not know what is causing it to crash. I have rehearsal on the 6th and I really need help getting this score back.

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I managed to export a PDF but it looked very strange, a single huge page with everything on it which doesn't seem right at all. Audio export crashed for me also.

I could export to MusicXML, and then import it into MuseScore 3 and from there could export a PDF and also an MP3, so maybe that's an option?

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No need to export the MS4 as an mxl.
Within the MS4 zip archive (mscz) is an uncompressed mscx file. This mscx file will open in MS3. MuseScore3 will protest about it being a newer version but pressing "Ignore" will open the actual mscx - and not a blank page as occurs with opening a MS4 mscz in MS3.

I opened your score and did not experience a crash.
However during a quick look I did notice some peculiarity with the displayed Glockenspel notes in measures 110 - 112 depending on whether Concert Pitch was toggled. (Lots of leger lines with concert pitch off.)
Exporting mp3 was possible although it took a long time (several minutes) to accomplish.

Since you are under a deadline, here is your score which you can open in MuseScore 3:
Continuum in Blue-MS3.mscz
The mp3 conversion of this file took less than a minute to accomplish.
Do any edits, pdf exports, mp3 exports, etc. in MuseScore 3 for now using the attachment.

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