Codas not working properly in Musescore 4

• Jan 1, 2023 - 18:36

Trying to arrange "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister, and it looks like no matter what I do the app is ignoring all jumps (DS al coda, to coda, etc). What do I do?

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You have your Al segno mark in the middle of a repeat section, if you allow the score to play up to the repeat sign and replay the section, the second time it goes through the Al segno mark it jumps properly to the Segno. I believe this is the adequate behaviour of a jump indication positioned in the middle of a repeat section.

BTW, I also had an issue with a score I had in Musescore 3 with jumps, where I had a Al Coda where the Coda was behind the Al Coda. Now this is not an appropriate usage of the Al Coda, I did by mistake, but I could swear playback worked fine in Musescore 3. Anyway, it doesn't in Musescore 4, but by replacing the Coda and Al Coda with the appropriate Segno and Al Segno marks, it works fine in Musescore 4.

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Is your problem still active?
I imported it in 3.6.2 and in my opinion it plays as intendet:

  • plays continuously from 1 to 78

  • repeats at 56 (Bridge)

  • plays til D.S al coda

  • jumps to the segno in 32 (Chorus)

  • plays til 'To Coda' in 39

  • jumps to the coda in 65

  • plays to the end (80)

Attached you can find the 3.6.2 result.

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