Copy/pasting Lyrics

• Jan 1, 2023 - 00:50

Apologies if this is a repeat topic or the wrong location…

I updated to Musescore 4. So far, it seems pretty easy to use.


I need to be able to copy and paste large amounts of text into scores. It is quite laborious to type it out…especially when we're talking typing multiple verses.

I read the Musescore 4 handbook online regarding lyrics (I think) but it doesn't say anything about pasting lyrics into the score...All the info I find is about copying lyrics from the score.

In Musescore 3, I could copy and then paste the lyrics, each word or syllable in succession, by using Command + V, space bar, Command + V, space bar, Command + V, etc. Now when I do space bar, Command + V in Musescore 4, I just repeats the first word of the copied text.

Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


This is the most recent thread I can find on the issue of copy/paste lyrics pasting only the first word, which affects me.
Can anyone reassure me whether a fix is being worked on?
The github issue 13215 has not been posted since Feb 17, last activity Mar 4.
On Feb 17 Marc suggested the Lilypond plugin. Will that solve the problem for me?
I went to the plugins tab though and at the top it says "disabled", and lilypond wasn't there or searchable. How could I get it?

I am a Linux user. Linux Mint Cinnamon. Admittedly old OS, installed 3 years ago.

Many thanks

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