Time signature change crashing program

• Dec 31, 2022 - 17:34


First off, I have been loving the new Musescore 4. It's a gamechanger!

However, I have been having issues with MuseScore 4 crashing when I have a time signature change. Attached is a screenshot of where the issue seems to be. Trying to notate in the new 4/4 time signature section will almost always crash the program. I can attach the mscz. file if necessary.

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image_2022-12-31_113159972.png 64.05 KB


I've had issues with Musescore 4 crashing a lot also, and I've noticed buggy behavior with meter changes. Like after a crash when it prompts me to restore the session, it tells me it has been corrupted, I still open it and there's like 5 beats in measures in a 4/4 section. I hope with an update soon they'll fix the random crashing.

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