Tying a note to a rest to automatically convert the rest into a note

• Dec 31, 2022 - 15:58

I've been making the switch over from GuitarPro to Musescore, and this is something I really miss! If you tie a note to a rest in GuitarPro, it will turn that rest into a note. This was also called "Tie Beat" in GuitarPro. The newly created note's length is determined by the rest it replaced (i.e. tying a quarter note to a quarter rest will instead become a quarter note tied to a quarter rest).

As notes cannot be tied to rests anyways, I can't think of any conflicts this would cause. It was a small but handy feature that made my workflow that much faster, and I'd love to see a similar implementation in Musescore!

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I'm aware, and maybe I didn't explain very well. I'm not trying to tie a note to a rest. I just meant that in GuitarPro, tying to a rest automatically converts the rest into the appropriate note. I find it quicker to select a rest and press a hotkey to tie the previous note to it (which also converts the rest into a note). The current way to do this in Musescore is to instead select the rest, change it to the appropriate note, and then add a tie. Being able to do these three steps in one press of a hotkey is just a small time saver.

You can put in a feature request but it will probably be a long way down the list. I can see how you might use it more for guitar than for most other instruments.

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