Is it possible to change the dynamic range of a hairpin without adding dynamic text?

• Dec 31, 2022 - 15:36

While I know I could just hide the dynamic text, I remember there being options to change the dynamic range, velocity change, and dynamics method of hairpins in Musescore 3.x's inspector. Is this still a hidden option somewhere, or has it been deprecated?


I don't think it is possible, yet.
I know people want to be able to change everything about every note, and marking. I don't think you need a dynamic at the beginning of a hairpin. But how will MuseScore and/or real players know how much of a volume change you want, without one at the end. Besides, I think it takes longer to change settings than to just put a dynamic in.

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I agree!

I think some of my desire for it is just to resolve some of the current sound issues with the new Musescore (dynamics sounding much too loud or quiet, jarringly sudden or much-too-slow attacks for instruments, etc) though I'm sure it'll be ironed out in the future.

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