1946 Schott Christmas song #39 using MuseScore 4

• Dec 30, 2022 - 17:21

Another Christmas song based on a manually engraved tune, shown here as original and screenshot with invisibles.

Frohe Weihnacht 39 original.png

Frohe Weihnacht 39 with invisibles.png

Noteworthy: In the second bar, upper stave, the two eighths stem down should have cue size. But if I do that, the cue note head is shown next to the regular note head from voice 1. Apparently, only identical note heads are shared between voices. Therefore, the first eighth has a regular note head and that is why the beam has regular size as well. Any tips how to handle that?


A quick fix would be to make both eighths cue size and then manually move the left cue note beneath the quarter by going to Properties>Appearance>Offset and moving it 1.45 spaces to the left.

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