Midi piano input is much worse in Musescore 4 (VIDEO)

• Dec 29, 2022 - 21:00

When using a midi keyboard with piano in Musescore 3, playback is smooth with natural-sounding polyphony, correct note lengths, and velocity (there is no sustain pedal which would be a nice addition/feature request).
With Musescore 4, while the sampler sound is even better, the playback is much much worse, with no polyphony, all the note lengths are chopped, and there's noticeable delay, making it unusable for any kind of playing through of passages. There is still no sustain which I was hoping for in V4.

I have demonstrated this extensively here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSBKPfTK18s

I wanted to make the dev team aware of these issues so at least if we could get back to the playback fluidity of v3 that would be great.


Agreed. I hope they fix it soon. I also imported my own VST, Arturia's Piano V2 with my Arturia keyboard, and i've been having even more issues that aren't shown in your video. I can play polyphonically, kind of, but it only lasts a certain number of ms and when you play multiple notes at once, some notes keep thinking they're being played. I'm pretty sure that's a MSc issue because it doesn't happen in Ableton at all.

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