Downloading MuseScore 4.0 on Linux

• Dec 29, 2022 - 20:48

I don't know the exact commands for the terminal so could someone list the commands in order to download it for Linux so I can download it on my Chromebook.


I'm using Ubuntu Studio 22.04.1 LTS.
I downloaded the Portable AppImage.
I put it on a custom folder (inside the main HDD).
I created a new desktop launcher with the full AppImage address.
Then, you can click on that new icon and... Voila!!!

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You don't need that on your Chromebook; the default Linux installations works fine.

To install MuseScore 4, download the AppImage file from this site to your "Linux files" folder. Then in the terminal, type:

chmod +x MuseScore-4.0.0-x86_64.AppImage

and hit Enter. Then type:

./MuseScore-4.0.0-x86_64.AppImage install

Now you can run MuseScore normally, by selecting it from your launcher.

To install Muse Hub (and then use it to install Muse Sounds), download that from this site to your Linux files folder, then just double-click it from your Files app.

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Hi Marc,
that's great info, I didn't know of the install option with AppImages. (Always did the desktop integration the "cumbersome way" via a manually created desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications/ that I had to manually adjust with every new version update.)

Now I have two questions (I'm on Ubuntu 20.04, soon 22.04 by the way):

  1. How can I update the AppImage that is installed this way when a new version is released?
  2. Can I use the same command with "sudo" to install it for all users or would that create any problems?


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Once installed, you can update by simply running with the "update" option. The automatically downloads a new version and installs it. So, "mscore4portable update".

This also works with nightly builds, BTW. The chain is kept separate - updating a release build only updates if a newer release build is present. Linux is actually by far the simplest OS for installation and update in this respect.

If you install without sudo, it goes to your own personal .local folder. If you install with sudo, it goes to /usr/local.

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Thanks for the superfast reply, Marc!

I've just tried the update process by installing the older 4.0.0 AppImage first. When I opened MS4.0.0, a pop-up window informed me that I could update to 4.0.1. So the terminal start with the "update" option is not even necessary. That's great, very convenient.

Well, it would be convenient, but when I start the update process within the MS4 GUI via the pop-up window, it doesn't work properly. It does download 4.0.1 and then prompts me to close and restart, but then the version is still 4.0.0. Hm, is this a bug?

The way you described above ("mscore4portable update") does work fine, though. It's now upgraded to 4.0.1.

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Are you on a Chromebook? if so, first you need to actually enable Linux, in the developer settings for your system (do a web search to learn how to enable Linux).

If you're on a regular Linux system - not on a Chromebook - there is no separate "Linux files" folder, so those instructions don't apply.

See also my tutorial video for Linux/Chromebook installation:

If you need further assistance, please tell us more about your system and how far you've managed to get and what step is giving you trouble.

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I've got Ubuntu 22.04. I saw the "Linux files folder" comment. i don't have one either. So I stuck the applimage file in the Home folder not expecting much. (Left clicked on the 'RUN' check box) and BINGO, it loaded up. I'm using it now. Reverb now works 'natively'. Great work, Mark

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