Opening MU3 files in MU4 : troubleshooting with crescendo/descrescendo symbols and 8a

• Dec 29, 2022 - 18:02

Good evening all,

First of all, I want to thank and congratulate the MU team for the release of MU4 which is astonishing !!! We have all been eagerly waiting for those great features !

I have though just met with pbs while opening my MU3 files in MU4 (contemporary chamber music) :
1/ the usual key for crescendo / decrescendo symbol doesn't work anymore, while it was very useful
2/ all the crescendo / decrescendo symbols have disappeared in the parts
3/ all the 8a symbols have also disappeard in the parts, and are sometimes misplaced in the conductor.

Is it a knowed issue ? Is it currently dealt with ? Is there a manipulation I can do to correct that ?

Thanks ! And again, congratulations for this amazing job !



Some people have reported the < and > keys not working for them, seems to be specific to certainly keyboard layouts. Try redefining these in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts.

Not sure what you mean about symbols disappearing in parts, but if you attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem, something can take a look.

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Thank you Marc ! I solved the key pb from your suggestion.

About the other problems, symbols written on the full score that disappear in the parts (crescendo / decrescendo lines especially in the strings, 8a, 8b especially in the piano), I have attached an exerpt of my musescore3 file opened and then saved in musescore 4 for so to see my pb. You'll see these symbols appearing on the full score and then lacking in the parts scores. Thanks a lot for your help. If this pb can't be solved, that means I have to rewrite 100 music pages !

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I can confirm that (for example) the very first crescendo is missing in the part. But, it does appear if I delete it and add it back. Was there something unusual about how you added it in the first place? Can you figure out steps to reproduce the problem from scratch (in a score that isn't already afflicted in this way)?

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Again, dear Marc, many thanks. Deleting it and adding it back doesn't change anything here. My problem comes from a score written some months ago on Musescore 3 that I open now in Musescore 4. On the contrary, if I open a new file under 4, the crescendo and 8a symbols come correctly in the parts, as well as in the full score.
So, I suppose this pb comes from 4 unable to take all the information from a 3 score to the parts (although completely able in full score). Under 3, I didn't take any original step to create those crescendos and 8as : I simplly used the < key after selecting the notes during which the crescendo takes place, and the palette itself when adding an 8a.

I have a new pb now : i can't insert an eighth note (quaver) silence by typing 4 + 0 as I used to do. I tried to do it while N was selected (N to enter new notes) and while it was not. It doesn't work. I can't either select any note duration on my numeral keyboard before drawing a new note with the mouse (or entering it with the keyboard). There must be a parameter to set, but it would have been much easier to leave these very useful shortcuts as they were in 3: default.

Thanks for your help,

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Weird, for me in your score, deleting and re-adding works. Have you tried close the score and reloading it, so you're in the same state as I am? Also, if you can reproduce this problem starting from the original MuseScore 3 score, then posting that and the steps to reproduce the problem would be most helpful!

As for the numeric keypad, this is a known issue affecting certain systems; it still isn't clear why those systems are affected but not others. Meanwhile, there is a workaround, just download the following file, then go to Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts and import it (you'll need to redo your own customizations I suppose).…

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