Musescore 4 seemingly not autosaving.

• Dec 29, 2022 - 15:55

PC/Win10 - 3 pages in to a composition I tried to change tempo, whereupon it crashed and instantly closed. Not a general windows crash, just Musescore 4.
No problem, The file's been open for about six hours, so there'll probably only be about 4 bars to reconstruct.
However on reopening, there's no sign of the file, just the others I've opened and saced chages to in the previous session.
On checking...yes, definitely set to autosave every 3 minutes, so -hwlp - what gives???


Sometimes MuseScore doesn't report the crash on restart depending on if there are or were other windows open, but the autosave is definitely created. Be sure to enable the display of hidden files, then just look in the same folder where you saved the score itself and you'll a similarly named file with the "autosave" extension.

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If you literally never saved it even once, there wouldn't be a "backup" - those are created only on save. But there would be an autosave intended for disaster recovery situations (much better of course to save your work regularly). That would be located somewhere else, though, probably under AppData\MuseScore\MuseScore4.

I have the same problem, scores not being saved, and then scores that have saved are 'corrupt' and won't open. Musescore 4 hangs and does nothing.

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Are you saying you saved your score but believe it did t actually save - presumably because you can’t find it now? Certainly if you saved it, it is saved, so just a matter of remembering what folder you saved it to. The issue here had to do with someone who literally never their file ever.

Corruption is another matter. It can be fixed. If you need help, please start a new thread and attach the score you are having trouble with.

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Hi Marc, thanks for reply. I appear to have solved the non-save, corrupt file issue. I was saving all my work on an external drive in sub-folders. I tried simply saving to the documents folder, and hey presto! Not only re-opening, but very quickly. Not sure why, as I save all my other work on external drives with no issues.
However, I am happy now, and the new sounds are fabulous. Thank you.

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