Toggle Visibility in both part and score (*with keyboard shortcut)

• Dec 29, 2022 - 10:17

In MS 3 you could use Toggle Visibility before creating parts as a way to hide objects on both the score and the part. It was slightly hack-ish, but it worked well. In MS 4 the parts seem to exist permanently, so this is no longer an option.

I very frequently use Toggle Visibility to accomplish certain playback effects (dynamics, tempo changes, articulations) that are different from the written score. I don't think this is a particularly unique practice. But MS 4 assumes I want to hide objects ONLY in the score and not on parts. That's a necessary option to have, of course, but I personally don't use it often. I would love to have both functions available: (1) Toggle visibility in Score Only (the current function) and (2) Toggle Visibility in Score and Parts. If we could set keyboard shortcuts for each of those, that would allow for a seamless workflow.

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