Musescore 4 messes up parts when inserting measures in score

• Dec 29, 2022 - 00:11

Every time I insert new measures between existing measures in a score parts are going messy. I tried to work on different computers and every time i got the same problem as in attached file. Is there any solution to this issue?

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No idea. But if I but notes in the bass part in the score, it seems to straighten out the individual part. FWIW, I don't work in parts. Only in the score because of problems like this.

i have the same issue. ive spent the last three days on correcting corruption errors in the parts and now i see none of the corrections is actualised in the full score.

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There is a half-solution to this problem. You can save the score as an uncompressed MuseScore folder. After inserting the bars, save as uncompressed MuseScore folder and reopen the file, then save again as .mscz . You can continue to create the score. It worked for me. Maybe someone knows how to report such errors to the developers.

Is there some way to escalate this issue or see if it's been reported elsewhere? It's been almost a year and I just ran into the exact same problem (and the single instrument part was truly bizarre--double barlines and text above the staff and so on behaved as if the measures had been inserted, but the actual notes were shifted over from the double barlines because the notes in the allegedly inserted measures were skipped)

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Indeed, it is the purpose of this forum to enable discussion of a problem that someone is having. Often the problem is user error. If the discussion can determine an actual software problem, then Github comes into play. Otherwise, they could be flooded with erroneous requests.

Well... the recommendation back in the day was this:
"Do not create parts until you are happy with the full score"

The software is fragile, however many versions we go through. So why make life even more difficult by creating parts early on?

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