Somebody help me OUT!

• Dec 27, 2022 - 22:49

I have a right to publish and publicize my score but the software says not so. I can't publish my score because it cannot export the audio successfully. I think this is ridiculous. I'm on Chrome OS.

What happens is I proceed to publish my score MULTIPLE TIMES with MuseSounds audio. But for this particular score, it cannot export past 36% of the audio before it crashes the whole software. I don't know if it is the incompatibility of my computer (I have published scores successfully without this problem with this new upgrade on this Chromebook, and with the audio), but I don't know what's wrong with MuseScore 4 in this regard. It has pride in messing up my very experience of the software.

And yeah, I can privatize my score on the cloud and then publicize it via without MuseSounds audio, but jeez, it shouldn't be that complicated and I am honestly fed up.


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