"Tab indentation" can be better on "New Score" window

• Dec 26, 2022 - 11:57

Hi! I am a Brazilian user of MuseScore and I'm very excited about MuseScore 4. Congratulations to the team, firstly of all. I'm a Windows 10 user also, if it's relevant.

When having my first time experience with MuseScore 4, in the "New Score" window, after selecting the instruments, pressing the "Tab" key doesn't alternate as I expected, going through each element present in the window.

Opening the window, I have "Key Signature" in focus first, then, after pressing "Tab" the first time, the "Title" textbox is in focus , and pressing a second time, the "Cancel" button is in focus.

What I expected (and I believe it's the most commonly practiced looking from a UX point of view) was to cycle between the elements in group (for example: the focus going to "Time Signature" after "Key Signature" instead of going to "Title" textbox, then Tempo, Bars and only then going to Title, then Composer, etc.

Is there a reason to be like this? Am I missing something?

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