Custom colors for the note color plugin ?

• Dec 26, 2022 - 11:52

Hello, first congratulation for the v4, it's absolutely amazing

I would like to be able to always color the notes this way :
D : purple
D#/Eb : Black
E : pink
F : red
F#/Gb : Black
G : Orange
G#/Ab : Black
A : Yellow
Bb : green
B : Black
C : blue
C#/Db : Black

It is possible somehow ? If I have to edit some files can you provide some simple steps/guidance on how to do it ?
Thanks !


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Code looks like this

      property variant colors : [ // "#rrggbb" with rr, gg, and bb being the hex values for red, green, and blue, respectively
               "#e21c48", // C
               "#f26622", // C#/Db
               "#f99d1c", // D
               "#ffcc33", // D#/Eb
               "#fff32b", // E
               "#bcd85f", // F
               "#62bc47", // F#/Gb
               "#009c95", // G
               "#0071bb", // G#/Ab
               "#5e50a1", // A
               "#8d5ba6", // A#/Bb
               "#cf3e96"  // B
      property string black : "#000000"

I don't want to sound ungrateful but I mean if I post a question on a forum, it's most probably that I don't know how to "just edit the plugin myself" or "just find it and open it"

It's not really helpful, it's like answearing "just solve the problem"

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