Tied notes with grace notes hold for too long

• Dec 26, 2022 - 10:57

Whenever I put grace notes on notes which are tied, the main note seems to play for its written length instead of the remaining length after the grace note is played. (By written length, I mean the length it would play for if it had no grace note so a half note plays for a half note duration.) Consequently, the main note plays for too long, stopping after when it should. This also results in the main note overlapping with the notes which follow. Examples are m.14 (beat 3) and m.18 (beats 1 and 3) in my attached score. This is not an issue if the main note isn't tied, for example, on the first beat of m.14.

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"okay but how does that change anything?"

a) In your first post you referred to ties, but your image actually shows only slurs in your score.
b) First you need to understand clearly the difference between a slur and a tie.
c) Then you need to explain exactly why your slurs are not doing what you want.

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