Too many bugs so far in Musescore4

• Dec 25, 2022 - 13:42

The layout is great but the program should have run a serious bug fix process!


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Thx for that -- as a follow up, I'm unclear on how/why unchecking "exclusive mode" improves performance. I unchecked exclusive mode after installing MS4 and it did indeed seem to decrease the frequency of crackles/pops/stutters.

Does unchecking exclusive mode have any effect on playback of any other audio apps I may have installed? ... i.e., my DAW, my standalone keyboard sample player, web pages, etc.? (So far I haven't noticed any negative effect),

yeah sometimes the app just closes down on me randomly, and when i reopen it, i lose a part of my work and i have to redo it again. also, some things arent already added into my palate, like the glissandi and arpeggios or the beaming options, so i have to search it up every time because when i make a new palate, it doesnt save for some reason. i wish i could go back to musescore 3.6.2, but it just doesnt want to open on my computer 😭

There was an alpha and beta period lasting several months, sorry that the users who participated in this didn't happen to find the bugs you might have found had you chosen to participate as well. But it's not too late, just be sure to open new bug reports with precise steps to reproduce each problem you are seeing.

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