Playback issue.

• Dec 25, 2022 - 10:13
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S3 - Major
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As in the title, the issue appears after copy-pasting notes.
To reproduce the issue:
1) Input a few measures of notes
2) Copy-paste some notes from one measure to a later measure

After this bug occurs, playback audio does not work for (1) notes that were pasted and (2) notes that are after the pasted notes, even if these notes were in the score previously

After further testing, I've found that:
-After the bug, manually inputting notes (to replace the notes that do not have sound) restores the audio playback for that note and some notes after, but not the rest.
-Saving and restarting musescore restores audio playback, but the bug can still be reproduced.

I am also able to reproduce the bug with all my other scores.

Version: latest Musescore 4
Computer: MacBook Pro 2021 (M1 chip), macOS Monterey


Status active needs info

Copy & paste works in general, so in order to investigate what is going wrong for you, we would need you to attach your score and give more precise steps to reproduce the problem - eg, exactly which measures you are copying, where you are copying them to, where you are starting playback from, etc.

Frequency Once Many
Severity S4 - Minor S2 - Critical

Same here, i'm experimenting the same bug.
I can ad that usually it didn't last long, around 4/4 (i've sperimented only with that measure but i will soon answer even for a 5/4) even across the bars.

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As the poster says "I am also able to reproduce the bug with all my other scores." It happends on every score you open.
Many of them where created in Muscore 3. Maybe is that the problem? May be because my template white sheet, on which i start from to create a new sheet, where created with Muscore 3?

Status active needs info

As stated before, in order for anyone to investigate, we need an actual score and precise steps to reproduce the problem. I see a score attached to a comment above. What exactly would we need to do after loading that score in order to see a problem?

I tried the following:

1) first measure of top staff (first bar of the actual melody) to select
2) Ctrl+C to copy
3) click first measure of top staff of bass solo section to select
4) Ctrl+V to paste
5) click first note of the pasted passage to select
6) press Space to play

This works perfectly for me. Are you saying this fails for you? If that works, but something else fails, please be equally precise about what exactly fails.

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Well.. what works perfectly for you with us doesen't.. your try it shouldn't work for us..
For me mostly the "notes that are after the pasted notes, even if these notes were in the score previously" doesen't sound. the pasted one, they usually play. (even if i can't remember well. now i automatically select all notes and i smash the "play note" check box continuosly..

So to be clear, you are following the steps I posted above precisely - no additional improvisations - and it isn't working? If so, it could be something wrong in your installation. try Help / Revert to factory settings. Also [perhaps remove and reinstall Muse Sounds. If the problem persists, please make a screen recording and attach a link to it here, so we can attempt to further understand what might be different about your system from others where this works.

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Now i see.... i've done exactly what you've done and it works good. It needs Loading time?
i've even choose and copied a random bar of bass solo, pasted it in a random bass cleff position on the same page, and it plays.. itself and the notes after... Normaly i didn't open a file and i random copy and paste, i start slowly but entering in the normal workflow, otherwise, make it happen several times. . and that bug was persistent... Next time i will capture the screen--