Musescore 4 - No playback and Mixer is empty

• Dec 25, 2022 - 09:49

This problem happened when I launched Musescore 4 for the first time:
- no sound for added or modified notes.
- no playback (vertical bar appears, but stays on a position at the start of the score.
- mixer view is completely empty.

I searched for settings related to that, but to no avail, and I did not find a report about this problem here.
So I simply restarted Musescore 4... and the problem was solved: mixer was populated and sound was working.

Unfortunately, the same problem appeared again today when I launched Musescore 4 after a reboot of my Desktop PC (running Windows 10): no sound and mixer view empty.
Again, I stopped the app and restarted Musescore 4 and the problem was solved.

I am aware that investigating such sporadic problems cannot be done without enough information.
Is there anything I can do to better report it next time it occurs?


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Same problem for me with MuseScore 4 — no sound and mixer empty. Although I don't even have to quit and restart MS to solve the problem... Just closing the score and reopening it does the trick (but sometimes I have to do it twice). Nothing dramatic, but it would be nice to know what to do or change on my computer to get rid of this problem, as it seems to happen about once every 2 or 3 openings of a score.

I have the same issue and restart sometime works but usually the project is basically corrupted and I need to manually copy notes to new project to get it working or export as XML and open from there.

It is 50% chance the Mixer is not initialized properly when opening Musescore file format. Maybe is related to using VST instruments.

Having this issue for the first time now. I had just restarted the computer and opened my musescore files to work on current projects, but the same sound/mixer problem as above in one of the 2 projects. I have just closed and reopened the problem file, and the sound is back.

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