Musescore 4 No midi import options?

• Dec 24, 2022 - 01:58

Just tried importing a midi file I don't have any options for things like quantization and limiting to one voice like in Musescore 3.


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I have also switched back to V.3. because of this particular issue but I think that the Musescore developers deserve our patience. It is a privilege that we can enjoy this software without cost. As I said, I believe that a few tweaks to the default values of the MIDI import (simplifying with no clef changes, no accents, no multiple voices) would buy the developers some time and make it already useful in most cases.

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I'm not in agreement with the part about the developers deserving patience, on principle. The fact that this software is free is beside the point. Look at Tantacrul's video's and how much of a professional he is. Musescore is a professional piece of software, whether free or not. I was blindsided by Version 4 being released as a finished product (of course I didn't read the release notes - my mistake) so I'm now making new arrangements and compositions with it. Halfway through, MIDI appears to not be implemented. I need to (almost) start over, in version 3. Time has been wasted.
Not trying to blame persons, I'm just completely aggravated. I might not be the most patient person in the world, this I will happily admit.

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