• Dec 23, 2022 - 18:44


I'm enjoying discovering the new MS4 version. Fantastic.
But, there is a problem that I have noticed:
When I open MS3 projects in MS4, there are many problems with dynamics. Those don't sound right. In many cases, the Violas for ex. does not sound, if the dynamic is "p" or lower

I'm trying to get the software to read a piece strings quartets and I can't balance the dynamics like it was in version 3.

In all the cases that I open scores created in MS3, I have this problem.


Me as well, the score I transferred over to musescore 4 is still changeable, however, the dynamics that had previously worked no longer work, even after redoing it in the new system.

Please you attach one of the scores you having trouble with so people can investigate.

There is a known issue where if you had made custom velocity adjustments in MU3, these are not interpreted correctly, and that can lead to inaudible or almost-inaudible notes. Solution is to reset the velocity adjustments.

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I haven't seen a resolution, yet, to these issues, so may I add a score excerpt with similar problems, perhaps it may help. When imported from MS3, and played using MS4 Muse Sounds, dynamics generally are very odd. The viola especially virtually disappears; sustained notes in any instrument tend to 'warble'; and grace notes are often ´lost´. The snippet I attach exhibits all of these issues. I attach the snippet as it was when imported from MS3, but using Muse Sounds. I also attach a copy of the same snippet after having saved it in MS4 (in case saving in MS4 changes sound problems), The original snippet when played in MS4 but changing to MS Basic using the Mixer, has an improved sound, but is still distorted, subject also to the commonly noted crackles and such noted elsewhere.
For what it is worth, and not rigorously tested, I wonder if some of the ´crackles´and some of the other problems I note may have something to do with FX, especially Reverb? It reminds me of phase distortions when reverbed backgound ´repeats´ may perhaps either reinforce, or partly cancel ongoing notes. I´m spending some time looking at this, though it may be of no use.
Just to say though, MS4 is a very considerable improvement, very good work!

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