Problems with Musescore 4

• Dec 23, 2022 - 18:10

Very often when trying to save and close a score Musescore will not function. I click on Save but the window won't close and the changes are not made. Sometimes I click File>Save and then File> Quit and it works, but more often the screen simply freezes unless I cancel or click on Don't Save. The only way out of this situation is to restart my computer, which is very time consuming. Is this a bug that needs to be fixed?


I have had the screen freeze unpredictably. By "freeze," I mean that it behaves as if it were waiting for a dialogue box response, emitting the familiar chime. But I cannot find any dialogue boxes and have had to use task manager to quit the application, often losing some of my work. the last time this happened was when I was using control-insert to create empty measures.

Is this a "bug"? Is there something I can do about it?

PS: since I brought it up in the note above: I have been able to create no more than two blank measures by repeatedly pressing the insert button, and the control-insert functionality does not produce a dialogue box asking how many measures to create. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong.

And now that I think about it, I wonder whether the phantom dialogue box which failthfully appears in 3.6 is hiding somewhere on 4.0, causing the screen freeze.

I have also experienced a lot of problems with MuseScore4, including the screen freezing but worse, failure to save properly, as mentioned others. In fact I lost a complete score this way yesterday, very annoying. But I also find the layout far less satisfactory than the MuseScore3 format and I often get delays and squeaky sounds when I play the score back. I have now removed the software for 4 and have gone back to using MuseScore3. My guess is that these are teething problems and that later versions of 4 will be better. I will wait some months before trying again.

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In order for anyone to assist, we would need more information. Which exact folder did you save your score to and then find that the file was not saved to that folder? Which score is not playing correctly? The layout is indeed different, more efficient overall but does take a few minutes to get used to, as with any change. Anyhow, if you think there is an actual bug that needs fixing, please help out by giving more details so others can reproduce the bug and work on fixing it.

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Thank you! To be honest I am not sure what happened. I downloaded and installed the programme on my computer, opened a new score, wrote some lines and saved. It said it was saving to My MuseScore4 Scores file. Next day I opened the programme again, and when I tried to open the score, which appeared in miniature on the screen next to the usual ´new score´ one, it refused to open, saying that it has been saved elsewhere and couldn´t be accessed. I closed the programme, and went to Documents, Musescore4, Scores, and there it was, and it opened successfully, so I did some work on it. But at some point I suddenly got a completely blank screen (not even the staves), so I decided to close down. Stupidly when it asked me if I wanted to save before leaving I said yes, with the result that the saved file was completely blank, not even with any staves. This file was saved not only in Musescore 4 Scores, but also in my Musescore3 Scores, and it was saved in 3.6 format for some reason. I have since wiped both these out and started again (in Musescore 3).

The squeakiness occurred the first time I started the file. The sound is definitely much better when I use Musescore 3, smoother and a better tone. I find the main screen in MuseScore3 clearer and easier to read than the Musecore4 screen. It has better definition, with greys as well as black and white, while the Musecore4 screen has smaller icons and is black and white only.

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Sounds like you maybe used the "save to cloud" function, which as it says, saves you scores to the cloud instead of to your computer. So indeed, you can't open it from your computer because it isn't there. If that's not it, we'd need more precise steps to reproduce the problem. For now, just assume it was a one-time fluke, and as long as you don't choose "save to cloud" again for scores you want to save normally onto your computer, you should be fine.

Regarding the blank file, again, we'd need you to attach your score and steps to reproduce the problem in order to understand. Sounds like you might have accidentals deleted your measures (possible if you hit Ctrl+Delete while everything was selected), or maybe you simply hid the instrument display in the INstruments panel.

For the playback, in order for someone to assist, again, we'd need you to attach your score and describe how to reproduce the problem. Could also be your audio device has too high a sample rate and needs to be turned down in order to work better.

Colors are customizable in Edit / Preferences / Appearance, as are font sizes. Everyone's vision is different, and the new default scheme is designed to work well for the majority of people, but you can tweak this to work better for your own situation. The sizes should be the same by default as they were in MuseScore 3, though - are you sure you hadn't increased the defaults in MsueScore 3 previously?

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Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my problem. This is something I really do appreciate enormously about MuseScore;  all the feedback and help offered (when I first started a couple of years ago I had various simple questions which were always answered very rapidly and with great courtesy.  One couldn´t ask for better customer service! ) So thanks so much for that anyway.

I did not save to cloud, I saved using the regular save button, and it said it was saving to MuseScore 4.

But the underlying problem (it happened twice, on different days) is that my screen suddenly changed to total blank, my score disappeared. I had not highlighted anything let alone everything, I was just working on a measure in the score, and I must have hit something by mistake but heaven knows what it was.

But I´m going to send you a screen shot of what I see when I open Musescore 4. It occurs to me that it might be some kind of incomplete or draft version.

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This appears to be a Word document. Better to attach the actual score. Also, in the future, if you want to attach a screenshot, please attach that directly instead of a Word document containing the screenshot. Much simpler for you and for us.

Anyhow, it seems likely from the screen shot you have opened the wrong copy of the file, like maybe you saved it once while still empty, then saved it again after working on it a while but used a different folder or different filename. Do a full search of your hard drive for all MSCZ files. if you saved it and didn't delete it and then empty your trash/recycle bin, it is absolutely positively without any possible doubt still there on your drive in exactly the folder you saved it to.

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"Saving to MuseScore 4" is not a thing. Files are either saved on the score-sharing website, or they are saved directly to your computer. So we would still need more information to know exactly what you did, and exactly what happened to make you believe the file was not in fact saved. If MuseScore did not report an error during the save, then it absolutely was saved, to exactly the location you specified. First step would be remembering the exact pathname of the folder you specified when you saved the file, then using your computer's file browser to visit that exact folder.

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My experience recently. Saving has got complicated with the new One Drive addition to a file string. If it's full then nothing saves. one has to get around this program. Otherwise my score was found in a totally different named folder. I later found them by accident. I think it's a Onedrive problem that is interfering in saving files. It's been a bother for me in all my software. I uninstalled M4 being Onedrive interfering.

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Dear Marc, thank you for you patience. I am really sorry, I have clearly not explained well what went wrong. The file was saved to my computer harddrive, under the folder MuseScore 4\scores. But the problem is not so much where it was saved but WHAT was saved. I attach the file here. It is a complete blank, and it overrode what I had had in the file earlier. What I am really asking is, how did I get this totally blank page while I was working on a regular score? I guess I did something wrong, but it has happened twice and I have not clue as to why. Sorry for the ignorance!

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Hard to say really without precise steps to reproduce the problem. Either you accidentally deleted all instruments and then hit save, or there is a bug somewhere. Seems more likely to be the latter, but it's a strange bug then that doesn't seem to be anything similar to anything others have encountered. If you ever figure out how to reproduce the problem, definitely let us know.

Meanwhile, be sure to use a service like OneDrive or Time Machine or Dropbox or Google Drive for the folder where you save your scores, so you can always recover a previous version of any file. If you're on Windows, OneDrive is enabled by default, so you should be able to recover the previous version of your score that way, unless you went out of your way to disabled OneDrive when you set up your computer. If that happened, I recommend re-enabling it now.

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