MuseScore app won’t play MuseScore 4 pieces

• Dec 23, 2022 - 12:57

I recently published a piece to my page and when I try to open it in the MuseScore app on my phone it gives me a blank screen. Pieces written on MuseScore 3 load perfectly fine, it’s just the one from MuseScore 4 that is not loading at all. If I open it in a browser it works, however it loads very slow, often not loading the sheet music at all.


I can confirm I have the same problem :( i have updated the ios app, but no joy.
I can open pieces made with Musescore3 in ios app, just not pieces made with Musescore4.

I have provided the example mscz I uploaded to my online muse score, when trying to sync to view with my iPad.

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Just adding to this chorus ... I updated one of my pieces (rainbow connection arrangement) with musescore 4, now it doesnt load on my iPad app ... i updated it's ios and the ipad app and still doesnt play ... it does however sound great when i play it through the browser on the musescore website.... but that doesn't have traspose and practice modes now does it ...

should be a warning as I use the ipad app for performance purposes ... now it doesn't work!

Yup, I created a score with 4 and uploaded a version of 4 to the app on my iPhone and this is all I get. Maybe this is a sign from God to give up music ? 🤣🤣 I literally cancelled the subscription before I got charged UNTIL they fix it and it’s usable, then I’ll be back for sure. I know they need to fix bugs, so I’m not too angry, I can always use Cubase anyway, but I was trying to use something I could use on my iPhone when I’m not at the studio .

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exactly the same issue here. just spent an afternoon transposing a track. went to practice and play back on app and it won't load! Works fine on laptop browser - but that's not as good for playback rehearsal and practice. seems like a fundamental bit functionality that's not working here.

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