MS4 doesn't remember Appearance/Paper pref

• Dec 23, 2022 - 11:24

I'm opening Preferences, setting the wanted Appearance/Paper, click OK, MS4 correctly show me the change.
Save the file, quit MS4. relaunch MS4, open the saved file, the paper change isn't there anymore.


From the Italian forum: I can only suggest a trick, prepare with 3.6.2 reopen with 4X. Apparently it applies to previous features that are not yet functional.

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You got it right. If I set a paper from the path Preferences/Appearance/ it is lost when MU4 is closed.
Maybe because the path is /tmp/.mount_MuseSciNc4Mz/share/mscore4portablenightly-4.0/wallpapers/paper7.png equivalent to that of 3.6 /tmp/.mount_MuseSc6SGigq/share/mscore-portable-3.6/wallpaper/paper5.png but not yet fully active?

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