Confusing Window behaviour

• Dec 23, 2022 - 05:09

When I started using MS4 at first, I’m convinced it wasn’t closing down when the last score was closed, but now that’s clearly the way it’s working.

I’m guessing this change coincided with installing MuseSounds & it’s a limitation of the playback engine that each score needs a separate instance. That’s fair enough I suppose, but there are other consequence of this behaviour that are very confusing, e.g.

If you have the preference “Continue last session” switched on and you close your score, that doesn’t really close the score, it ends the session. So, when you next start MS it will reopen the score you deliberately closed. It would make more sense if there was a distinction here between “Close” and “Exit”. This really breaks the functionality of Close.

I wonder if MS would be better off having a sort of stub program (like LibreOffice) that then launched instances for scores, although that setup also has its annoyances.


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