Playback Hidden Instruments

• Dec 22, 2022 - 15:34

I would like to hear the hidden instruments in my score
This was possible with MuseScore 3.
I tried using the mixer but it doesn't work.
Once I hide an instrument from the score, I can't hear it.
Is there a way to fix this?


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Make sure you're not hiding the entire instrument!
As mentioned before "In the Instrument Panel (F7) there's a small triangle in front of the Instrument; click it to reveal the staves underneath it. Each has it's own visibility toggle." Only toggle the one for the stave itself.

If you did that, but still only hear one other instrument, then make sure you don't have a blue rectangular selection active when starting playback; because in such a case, MuseScore will only play the instruments included in the rectangle selection..

Before migrating to Muse 4 (a big endeavour as all music sheets need to be modified) I was waiting for the possibility to play the old instruments as in Muse3
This is OK now in the development version of 4.2
But today i just found out that hidden instruments are not played (ok there is a work around with hidding the staves .. but this is tedious).
Does anyone know when this will be solved ?
in the meantime I will stay with the good old Muse 3 ...

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