Importing synthesizer sounds from MS3 to MS4?

• Dec 22, 2022 - 09:57

I made a lot of use of sounds like the Fantasia, Space Voice and Synth Strings in my scores in MS3, but they don't appear to exist in MS4. Is there a way to import these sounds to MS4? I have to say that thus far, I'm finding MS4 very user-unfriendly and not at all intuitive.


Open the mixer and choose "MS Basic" as the instrument (it's the top selector for each instrument). That should correlate to the MS3 sound.

Selecting individual sounds within soundfonts is not currently supported, but if there is an instrument that uses the sound, you can select that in the Instruments panel. Otherwise, you would need to use separate soundfonts for each sound, or a VST instrument. A way to select individual sounds within soundfonts is expected to return in a future update.

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