Some issues on muse sounds.

• Dec 22, 2022 - 08:39

I am currently enjoying the new muse sounds overhaul, but there are issues i would like to see fixed in future updates of musesounds.

  1. Arpeggiated Strings pizzicato
    Used to work in ms3 default font, but seems like adding arpeggio at ms4 removes the pizzicato sound and arpeggio sound, playing just plain chord.

  2. Some registers of notes often being delayed/unplayed
    This is an issue when tuplets and dotted notes are played together (seemingly, i tested it on scriabin op.56 n.3), which delays the dotted notes a bit behind. It was also not a problem in ms3, but seems like this occurs when both nots has small intervals between.

  3. Notes being ignored/not played when they are high (cellos for now)
    Probably the biggest problem, cello soundfonts cannot play higher notes than G4. Adding trills at G4 also does nothing. Normally you woludn't reach there, but now artificial harmonics are borderline impossible to imitate. I might have to find the other instruments or other ways to work around, but it is a problem for now.

That's the major problem i have faced after 4 days of using it. There are some other issues i haven't fully adressed, such as lower register of piano (A0~C1) sounding murky and weak, or random notes sounding weaker.

Is there any workaround for said issues? Or do we have to see then more fixed in future update?


Are they not QAing this before releasing it ? HUGE disappointment. Too many problems to bother taking the time to list. I don't think there is a cross-platform QA procedure. Seeing issues on Windows not on Mac, and Vice Versa. I'm about ready to explore competitors. Not much better than V3. The GUI and engraving improvements don't come close to mitigating the sound bugs.

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@gary23andrews: I think there were quite a few MS users who downloaded & tested MS4BETA version, and MS4RC1 (a version just before the official release). I suspect they, plus the MS4 development team, plus various "frequent posters" here on the Forums, submitted problems that they uncovered. I'm no fanboy of MS4 - but I see potential for improved sounds given MuseSounds. It's totally up to you to explore competing software options. Myself, I would wait to see how MS4 evolves at least through mid-2023.

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Generally agree, but after all the hype - and waiting two years - I went out and bought a brand new iMac ( V4 needs OS/X 11.5 or better, and my previous iMac was getting up in years). The list of issues is WAY too big to get into. Difficult to organize correct QA on crowd-sourced coding, but this is ridiculous. I ported various pieces I composed in V3 into V4 and the BASIC problems are a huge disappointment. V4 was definitely not ready for prime time.

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I understand your disappointment Gary. I am in no way affiliated with Musescore but I think you have to consider that this is FREE software created and maintained by volunteers, i.e. people who are NOT paid for their work. You cannot compare it to commercial software like Finale, Dorico or Sibelius for which you pay a lot of money. Of course these commercial operations can throw a lot more resources into their development and testing but, on the down side, you pay for it. Yes MS4 has a good few problems but I am convinced that they will be sorted sooner or later. In the mean time I am still using MS3 mainly. As a retired programmer I know how much work goes into something like this and I take my hat off to the developers and testers of this amazing software. I dont know how they do it. I big thank you from me to all of them!

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