General Feedback on MuseScore 4

• Dec 22, 2022 - 04:40

Thing I like:
- Swapping out instruments is WAY easier now. I love the new instruments interface, it's so much better!
- You can add tuplets without knowing random keyboard shortcuts! Thank you!
- Mixer is MILES better. Thank you!
- Adding new bars is super intuitive. Thank you!

Things I don't like:
- Musesounds are so theatrical and awesome! But the volume is super inconsistent. Strings quarter notes are too quiet and half notes/whole notes swell too loud. When I write in a dynamic change, there's an audible pop, so I'm forced to use crescendo hairpins to avoid it. In general, the instruments are all way too quiet. Finally, some notes are not well enough defined — if I want them slurred, I'll add a slur! But I often write string quartets and it sounds a bit too reverberated and muddy and slurry.


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I agree. Simple things like have standard functions spread out all over the screen (top left, bottom right) slows down the work. Graphics and symbols when editing are both harder to interpret and more difficult to find now. Musescore is slower to work with, and has lost a lot of its logic when it comes to how the programme interacts with the user.
Quickly back to 3! (and remember, once score is created in Musescore 4, you cant use it Musescore 3. So beware of what you install, there is no way back)

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Absolutely. But the threefold echo is the killer. Just successfully worked with 3.6.2 quite speedily, using my own workarounds. The real trouble is that even to get a sonically basic version of a piece, you have to use ppppp and stuff like that, so the score that generates the piece is unpresentable except to the very indulgent. From there you need a music setter. Price: 35 Euros an hour. He takes it into Dorico. But pricey, somme toute!

I think advanced workspace should be added in MuseScore 4 - this would make it easier to customize the workspace and create custom layouts. It would also give users the ability to customize their workspace to match their workflow and preferences. It would be a great addition to the existing workspace options and would make the program even more user friendly.

I expectantly downloaded MS4, then quickly ... set it aside. At least for now. It appears to have become focused on "musical performance and instrument simulation" which in my situation I simply do not need for "scoring." I'll stay parked (for now) on MS3, which is a lot simpler for me to understand and still perfectly serviceable for my SCORING needs.

Also: several important things seemed to "suddenly be different," which I did not expect. I have work to do. So, I simply pulled-back and continued working. Maybe in about a year or so (literally ...) I'll take another look. But also, maybe never. This may well be the point at which MuseScore experiences its first(?) open-source "project fork," and begins to go in two different directions. I would actually be in favor of that.

I'm late to the party, but I noticed it is really much easier to write classical guitar music with the latest version, and I'm very grateful for the advancement!

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Sorry for your rude attitude. No one is forcing you to use MU4. Everyone knows what is missing. So what. Stay with MU3. I have no use for MU3 anymore. It isn't even on my new computer. Which, by the way, meets the specs to run MU4. Even before with my old underpowered computer, I had MU4 running fine. I don't understand why people who don't like MU4 insist on bashing it. Over, and over, and over. Talk about irrelevant. Fine. Don't use it. Move on.

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