Musescore 4 Measure selection visual bug, and lag

• Dec 21, 2022 - 18:23

First off, I must say, I am absolutely loving the direction Musescore is headed. I have noticed multiple bugs and oversights I would like to see addressed.
Over half the time when I select a/multiple measures, the box that is supposed to go around the measures will glitch out, and extend from the top of the measure, infinitely up past the edge of the score. However, this is only a visual bug, it still only selects whatever you attempted to select. This doesn't affect the score editing process however, it's purely visual. (oddly enough, it doesn't ever happen when I'm trying to capture it, or show someone.)
But something that does effect the score editing process is the lag. Not only does it take many seconds between the moment you click something and the moment it is selected, but this lag will also affect when you're scrolling. If I were to hold shift and start scrolling to move horizontally, the first bit of scrolling will move my screen vertically instead, until the program realizes I am holding shift, and then changes directions to horizontal. But this has caused me to lose my place in the score multiple times.
I adore Musescore 4, and I am super impressed with the direction it's taking, but I would like to see these get addressed.


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