Musescore 4 and MuseHub on Ubuntu 22.04

• Dec 21, 2022 - 18:08

Has anyone successfully installed and run Musescore 4 + MuseHub on Ubuntu 22.04? I'm currently running Ubuntu 18.04. The MuseHub .deb package won't install because of a missing library (libgcc-s1) in 18.04. Musescore 4 looks to be a game changer so I want to upgrade to 22.04, which does, believe, have the library. However, I do not want to undergo upgrade hell without assurance that Musescore 4 and MuseHub install and run successfully on 22.04.


I am running Linux Mint 20.3 Una Cinnamon Edition. It is based on Ubuntu 22.04.

MuseScore 4.0.0 is running as an AppImage and MuseHub installed from .deb is working, too.

I believe I had the exact same problem. I bit the bullet and upgraded 18.04 -> 20.04, and have since been able to run MS4 beta and recent RC (release candidate) versions. I suggest you back-up the beejeezuz of your important data before doing any major upgrades.

I tried to install musescore on Ubuntu 22.04.

It did not go well after taking advice on this forum: other essential things like System Settings stopped working.

It has been a headache. I'm reinstalling Ubuntu 22.04 now and will wait for Musescore 4 to be available among the usual packages available on synaptic (ie, sudo apt install "musescore4") with no other effort.

So, I hope those who read this assess their proficiency in linux. Muscore 4 wasn't ready for me.

Musescore 3 works well enough.

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With MuseScore 4, Linux has become a second-class citizen. Most of the shiny new features are Windows specific.

I'm only using MuseScore 4 because it is updated in the Arch repos, and I don't want to use an AppImage or a Flatpak. For a Linux user, there is almost no benefit from upgrading to MuseScore 4, and there is a bunch of regressions that make MuseScore 3 clearly a more attractive choice.

My advice, for what it's worth: stick to MuseScore 3 for the time being -- it's a much better program considering the current state of MuseScore 4 on Linux.

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The missing VST support may seem like a detail, but it is not.
In the forum:
- when someone asks about SFZ, the answer is: use a VST. (- > Zerberus removed).
- when someone asks about SF2: same. Or just split the sf2. (-> Ability to choose instruments from sf2 removed.)
- no effects in Linux -(> zita removed --it was better than nothing)
And the removal of jack, taking away the ability to do all of this and much more in an external application.
Any serious Linux audio application has jack.

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Hi Peter,

For me, on a fresh Ubuntu 22.04LTS, the only thing i needed to install was fuse2.
Both MuseScore appimage and Muse_Hub.deb installs were just working.
(i have read there are problems with pipewire and also wayland, but i don't use those)

To download the sounds, you need Muse-Hub
Is the deb package installed? (careful: this installs a torrent service running as root)
Does the Muse-hub application start and are instruments downloaded?

If so, perhaps the problem is with the Musesampler lib.

if you have the sounds installed, it should work if you have
-the library /usr/lib/
in this hidden file, the location of instruments , default /srv/muse-hub/downloads/Instruments/

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22.04 ships by default with fuse3. There is no fuse2 currently available except the fuse2fs package, which I have (no doubt fruitlessly) installed.

The deb muse-hub package is installed and the whole MuseSounds library downloaded onto my system.
I have subsequently disabled muse-hub from running insecurely as root in the background. My understanding from reading the forums is that MuseSounds works without the insecure background process running.

All the files you listed are present, in the correct locations, with the correct privileges.

I'm running Kubuntu 22.04, so I'm not using wayland (kde still prefers x11). I do use pipewire, which works flawlessly (one might say miraculously) with every single audio-capable app on my system. I don't run pulseaudio (don't need it, don't like it, have lived without it forever) but I have tried enabling it while struggling to get sound of out MS4 just in case. No joy.

Because MS4 doesn't expose any jack ports, I can't even check where MS4 is sending its audio. "System default", the only choice in I/O, is meaningless and can't be changed.

In short, MS4 AppImage for Linux with muse-hub properly installed on a clean system is incapable of playback. The situation hasn't changed despite all my careful forensics, so I have to conclude that one's man's "working" is another man's "broken". I'm glad you've got it working, but you must be some sort of dark wizard.

Still monstrously disappointed by the initial release of MS4 for Linux, and getting the feeling, from the way Marc Sabatella goes into defensive/adversarial mode when Linux issues are raised, that the MuseScore team is not competent to port their software to Linux. They might be great at everything else, but when it comes to the Linux port, they've made a huge cock-up. A once great free and open source Linux application has been co-opted by Windows (and worse, "Windows-think") and the developers haven't got the decency or professionalism to admit it.

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Hi Peter,

Sorry for my bad info.
The only thing i needed to install was the libfuse2 package for Ubuntu 22.04LTS
I have read there were problems with pipewire, but i cannot help you there, knowing nothing about it. (i should check it out probably)

I fully agree that it seems that Linux is very low priority.
See the Jack discussion: how many use jack? (nobody knows how it works, so it's not needed)
And now the discussion even took another turn. Only 1% or so use Linux. And they can always use Lilypond. (forgetting that Windows and Mac users also can use " notation for everyone" . What's the point really)
Maybe it was to be expected with a Windows minded product manager - ex Microsoft employee.

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Don't fret about the Windows world. They get the "benefit" of having alot of services.... that include "use" of Microsoft servers where their data is packaged and sold hourly. Look at the wikis that describe all of the revisions of the telecommunications act that has stripped us of 4th Amendment rights. Guess who is buying your data from the monster servers all over the continent that grab all of the info on your computer and phone: He's your Uncle Sam.

Jealous of Windows users? They are 2nd class citizens.

If you are a linux user, I highly recommend hardening your machine, consider terminating all of your "free" accounts (like gmail, hotmail, etc), and completely avoiding things like dropbox to store personal info... use a server in Switzerland instead... that didn't sign the treaty that allows unfettered access to your data... from anywhere in the world. Try the Swiss Protonmail services that includes "Proton Drive" a secure server service.... and other security services. Be aware that there are companies (like the German Tutanota email service) that offer security services... but use web and server services that may as well be inside the NSA security fence.

... As far as I'm concerned musecore 3 on linux works very well.

I've installed MuseScore4 and fired up the programm.
After restart my laptop I don't see Musescore4 under my programms.

How do I repair these problem

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I've download "MuseScore.AppImage" the next command "chmod u+x MuseScore.AppImage". To run the programm in terminal with "./MuseScore*.AppImage install.
In the attachment you see what I see during the install process. a log file with "errors"
Maybe this is the problem that Musescore4 is not as a programm.
Muse Hub is proper installed and runs well.

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log file install Musescore4.pdf 93.8 KB

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Running the appimage with the install option will move the appimage to ~/.local/bin, create some symbolic links and do some desktop integration.
See for a logfile.
You might check your Desktop/window manager if those locations are ok. (is this ubuntu?)
Does MuseSampler work? There is an error in the log about it:
21:50:40.640 | ERROR | main_thread | MuseSamplerLibHandler | MuseSamplerLibHandler:
Unable to open MuseSampler library, path:

(you can check with - from the menu - Diagnostic - Muse Sampler - Check Muse Sampler)

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I don't see MuseSampler in my programm list. ( Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS, jammy) What I see is: "Muse Hub", "MuseScore", "MuseScore 2", and "MuseScore 3"
The three programms can I fire up.

What about MuseSampler: I've download the version for Ubuntu. see attachments.

By the way, On another linux desktop does Musescore4 running well, That is LinuxMint 21.2 victoria
but I don't see the whole list of instruments. On MS2 and MS3 I see the whole lists of instruments.

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MuseSampler is not a program; it is just a library
I only asked because of the error in your log.
Do you have Muse Sounds then? check in MS4: Diagnostic => Muse Sampler => Check Muse Sampler
In MS 4 <=4.1.1 you only see one soundfont: MS Basic. (this will change in MS 4.2)
If you have more than one appimage in the directory,
./MuseScore*.AppImage install
will not work. Why not type the complete name instead of using a wildcard?
see also

On Ubuntu-22.04.3 whit MuseScore-4.1.1.
Monday, I wrote a job and I listened it.
Today Tuesday morning, I couldn't hear it !@?
I have find all the day,
installed fuse2,
put MS-basi soundfont on ~/Documents/MuseScore4/SoundFonts
start and restart MS4 whit / or without Jack and Qsynth ...

and just before go to sleeping, I had look in the pulseaudio volume button :
There are two tabs, material and application, and in this last :
Alsa Plug-in [mscore4portable] -> the cursor was down !
All is OK now !
I start MS4 without jack, without qsynth.
I'm OK : MuseScore without Jack, it's bad :-(( like my English communication :-)
Vincent38 from "Alpes françaises"

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