VDL Styles For Musescore 4 V2.0!

• Dec 21, 2022 - 04:34

A(long)while back, I made .drm files to integrate the TapSpace VDL Plugin with MuseScore and for some users, the Tenor file wouldn't work. I have now updated these files and they should work flawlessly. I have also made new files for the Concert Snare and Bass Drum patches as well. Hope this is useful to you all!

In this file ( V2.0_VDL_MuseScore4_Styles.zip ) you will find .drm files that enable native VDL support.

Step 1.) Download and extract the V2.0_VDL_MuseScore4_Styles.zip file.
Step 2.) Optional, but I would recommend putting the extracted files here: ~Documents/Musescore4/Styles
Step 3.) Create a new score with the default marching snare, tenor, bass, and cymbal instruments.
Step 4.) Go into note editor mode and click "edit drumset." Then click "load" to load the appropriate .drm file.
Step 5.) Go into the mixer and change the instruments from "MS Basic" to "Kontakt." Then load the appropriate VDL soundbank in each instance of kontakt and you should be good to start composing with VDL!

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There are a couple of issues with the drumsets.

  1. The Bass drum hits are set to the wrong staff line. This causes the sound to only be triggered when the bass drums are on the LINES as opposed to the SPACES.

  2. The tenor sounds do not align with the designated note in the drumset. (i.e. The D4 hits mapping in the drumset does not make the D4 hits sound. Instead, I'm getting D2 hits. It is not limited to just this mapping)

I'm interested in how you created compatible drumsets to work with musescore. I would definitely be interested in learning how you did this because I'm a dummy LOL.


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I have been told this about the tenor preset by another user on the discord, I am not sure how to fix this as on my end as it works correctly for me. It may be because I am using an outdated version of VDL to ensure compatibility with my older scores.

The bass drum hits are purposefully placed on lines as that is traditionally how it has been written at the high school that I write for. However if you want to place them on lines, you can easily go into the "edit drumset" tab after you load the VDL preset and change each hit to spaces.

I did it all in the "edit drumset" tab after loading the stock musescore marching percussion instruments. You can change almost anything you can imagine there, its a great feature.

Are there any tutorials on how to add Kontakt to the MUsescore files? I have no idea how to add/copy the files into the musescore files on my computer.

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Hello! I have attached a zip with some drm files for the AutoRL snare, AutoRL Tenor, and AutoRL Bass. Unfortunately I only did as much as I personally needed because it got very tedious to manually enter everything. Hopefully this is enough for y'all to get by until musescore gets around to updating their drumline module.

If the zip doesn't work here is a link to my one drive where i am saving them for now:

They work on musescore 4 as of 8-6-2023.

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