Changing instrument sounds within MS Basic

• Dec 21, 2022 - 00:45

Back in musescore 3 you could change the sound of individual instruments within the default musescore soundfont. This feature seems to have been removed, as I can't find any way of changing the drumset sound from the terribly mixed default sound to my old favourite "Jazz 2".
This feature was also useful for essentially creating instruments not present in general midi, by using the sound of an instrument somewhat similar, e.g. 12 string guitar for bağlama.


The feature will be reinstated in a future release.
In the meantime you can work around this by loading one of the free Sforzando or Sfizz VSTs and use them to load the soundfont.

Changing these instruments was an essential part of my MuseScore workflow for any project, from poppy choir arrangements to British brassband pieces with specific, uncommon instruments. I hope MuseScore 4 will support it very soon, because I'm excited to switch!

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