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• Dec 20, 2022 - 23:25
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Hello, again with the corrupt file problem, I received your help to recover the file, I worked on it and saved it with another number, but when trying to work on it again, the corrupt file sign appeared, I don't know what happens with this new program with the previous one never had problems.
Can you help me again?

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That "Blue Moon " song itself is archived in the .mscz (compressed) native format within a folder named "PARTITURAS" which itself is embedded in a folder named "ZOOLOGICO" which, in turn, is embedded in a folder named "CONCERTANDO MÉXICO 28-10-2020".
I have simply extracted the Blue_Moon_3.mscx (uncompressed) song which cleanly opens in MuseScore without corruption. Then I saved it as .mscz, the native format. Those weird folders are now gone.
Here it is:
It should open in MS4 without corruption.

What's the story with those "PARTITURAS", "ZOOLOGICO"' or "CONCERTANDO MÉXICO 28-10-2020" folders? Have you ever heard of them?

I also have to deal with a "corrupt file".
At first, I noticed that few measures were completely empty and as I fixed them the "corrupt file" message disappeared for a short time. But then I continued working on my arrangement and now the message is back. No empty measures this time, what should I be looking for?

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What do you mean by "the corrupt file message disappeared for a short time"?
It disappeared, then, after a short time, popped back up somehow?

The OP's "Blue Moon" file did not display any notes/staves.
Does your score show any music notation at all when you press "Ignore" at the corruption notification?
If not, please attach.

Without seeing your file, it's difficult to say what you should be looking for.
If you have generated parts before actually completing the score entry, you can try deleting them as they can cause corruptions if lots of concomitant editing was done in any parts and the master.
After parts deletion, the score might open properly, whereupon the parts can be re-generated.

Another thing to check for is timing errors, especially involving voices. MuseScore 3 was helpful in enumerating corruptions. MuseScore 4, not yet.

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