BPM setup using MuseScore 4

• Dec 20, 2022 - 23:09

Using MuseScore 3:
I press F11 Key, the Play Panel opens.
Then I am able to setup BPM number.

Using MuseScore 4:
I could not find similar process.
F11 Key does not work.
Properties Panel does not show option.

How can I proceed to setup BPM using MuseScore 4?


To ajust playback speed for this session, ensure that the Playback controls are visible, click on the six dots and drag the controls down slightly (undock them) to reveal a Tempo adjustment slider.

For a permanent change to the tempo of the score, insert a Tempo at the beginning.

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I am so grateful for your quick answer and help.
Unfortunatelly, I could not make the Playback controls to appear as shown in your example.
The two lines below do not appear.
I did not understand to insert a Tempo at rhe beginning.
Which beginning?
Thanks for your patienty.

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Great, johndegier!
By dragging the playback controls we get a separate (and complete) toolbar on the screen.
Very kind of you having made a video of it: thanks a lot.
A final question about this subject:
When I save the file, the new "tempo" defined is not saved.
Is that not possible?

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I really appreciate your help.
But I do not understand exactly what you mean.
I tried to setup selecting the beginning of an existing file.
I tried to setup when creating a new file.
Did not work.
Please, give me more explanation, if possible, concerning "beginning".

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In the online manual you can also find how to insert a tempo on any place in your music sheet.
Therefore you use the palettes on the left of the screen.
Open the palette "Tempo"
Select the place where you want to insert the new tempo in your music sheet.
Then click on one of the tempo's in the palette and your new tempo will appear in your music sheet.
If you want to change the tempo you can double-click on the tempo in your music sheet and change it.

More information in the following link: https://musescore.org/de/node/329663

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I followed your instructions (and also accessed the link you provided).
I typed F9 Key to open Palets on the left of the screen.
I selected all file, to apply the new tempo to the whole music sheet.
Then I clicked on one of the tempo's in the palette and new tempo appeared in the music sheet.
Then I changed the tempo by double-clicking on it.
The new tempo was also automatically updated on the Playback Toolbar.
I saved the file with the new tempo.
Perfect, you made my problem easy and fast to be solved.
Thank you very much.
Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.

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