My list of things that worked to get playback for MS4 on Windows.

• Dec 20, 2022 - 17:00

Aren't we all just having a blast with MS4. Just kidding. If you are having trouble just getting it to play, try the following.

Read the minimum specs required to make MS4 play correctly. They make a difference. Only one of my computers has those specs, and MS4 works fine on it. The others I’ve been able to get acceptable playback by doing some or all of the following. Bear in mind that the only spec my other computers lacked was the 4 core CPU.

Turn up the buffer in Preferences I/O. And make sure your best Audio Device is chosen. Not System Default if you have a choice.

Right click on the speaker icon in the taskbar. Select "Sounds". In the popup select "Playback". Make sure the audio device you are using in MuseScore is checked in this window. Click next to the icon and select the "Properties" button. In the new popup, select "Advanced". Here you can uncheck "exclusive Mode" and also take the bit rate down a notch.

As a last resort, I have to use my audio interface on one of my computers. Mine is a Focusrite Scarlett.


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Remember this for Windows. This would be the taskbar on the desktop. There is a speaker icon normally used to adjust the volume. On one of my systems it is found by clicking on the UP arrow in the same area. Once you find it, right click on it. Sounds is one of the options.

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Yes, anytime you make any change to the output device, including bit rate or switching the device for another, the software will crash. This is normal.
That image looks like the headset is mono. Also FM quality is as low as you can go, I believe.

As an experiment, try using your computer's built in speakers. As the instructions state, don't set the I/O setting to default. But rather the actual name of your built in device (like Realtek, or Conexant)

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HI, sadly the software is still very laggy when I turn on realtek, though only for larger orchestral scores it seems. I takes around 3 or four seconds just to click a notehead and it stutters a lot.

I can just continue using Musescore 3 for orchestral works for now.

                thank you, bobjp for your help I do hope this will be fixed in the future.

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Not sure why my comment formatted like that.

Also I wonder if simply changing the soundfonts in MuseScore4 to maybe some that were downloaded in Musescore3 would effect anything? Is there a way I can transfer or copy soundfonts over if so?

It's disappointing really because Musesounds is still pretty good Imo.

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As I understand it MuseSounds is incompatible with everything but MS4.
I have $25 audio interface that helps take the load of the built in hardware. I also have Focusrite interface that works even better.
The sad fact is that an 8 core CPU, 16 GB of ram, and an SSD are what is recommended. Most folks won't want to spend anything to get MS4 to run. Each of us must decide. Though it seems to me that my $100 Focusrite is a whole lot cheaper that a new computer.

Good morning, I am trying to follow these instructions. "Click next to the icon and select the "Properties" button. In the new popup, select "Advanced". Here you can uncheck "exclusive Mode" but cannot find this. What icon am I supposed to click next to?
Thanks for your help

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In Control Panel, select Sound (speaker icon) and this window will open.

Screenshot 2023-12-11 124224.png

I'm using headphones so I've selected them. Hence the blue bar. Then Properties, then Advanced. This window opens.
You can also lower the bit rate if needed. It just depends on your computer specs.

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Thank you. Unfortunatley Session Horns Pro and Musescore 4 refuse to play nice together. I tried all possible fixes. It is not the pc. It is only 9 months old. Windows11, 8 core, 16 processors, Icore 9, 32mb ram,
3 SS 1TB drives. Everything is up to date.
Built by PCaudio Labs in Tennessee.

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When using Session Horns Pro with MU4 the notes sometimes play in a higher octave than written. When looping a section notes play where there are rest. The notes sometimes ring endlessly when you pause the playback. The screens in Session Horns will lock up and I can't make adjustments to the instruments. MU4 will lock up and sometimes crash. MU4 works fine most of the time on it's own. Main issue occurs sometimes when looping a section. It may not play properly but only when I loop for example, the trumpets alone or saxes alone. It has crashed at times as well but that has not happened the last couple of days. There was a windows update that may have fixed that issue. I am using the Presonus Audiobox USB 96 audio interface. I have no issues with the interface or Session Horns when using them with my Reaper DAW. There are also no issues with Session Horns when I use it as a standalone. I also switched the audio in MU4's preferences from default to the audio interface.

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I have Plogue, Orchestral tools and Spitfire working well. The problem is that the free offerings aren't very good. So I don't know if that counts.
It is not a surprise to hear that someone's set up works great with other audio software. But notation software is not like other audio software. So the place to start is to disconnect external devices and adjust settings to see if MU4 works. If your computer meets the needed specs, it will work Mine does. Once it works without extra stuff, then things can be added and tested.
I have a Scarlett Focusrite that I can make work with MU4. But on my system, MU4 doesn't need it.

BBC Orchestra works just fine, but just doesn't sound good enough.

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Hello bobjp,

I have no hardware problems.
As far I can see MU4 is not sending correct midi info. (note on, off velocity etc.)
All my vsti soft loads fine but they get wrong midi data from MU4
Using the midi monitor in kontakt or another midi monitor and you will see what I talk about.

Kind regards,

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