Adjust Window Size/Width

• Dec 20, 2022 - 02:03

Often when I'm working in MuseScore, I'm referencing another document; usually snapping the two side by side. This worked well with MuseScore 3, but MuseScore 4 seems to hog 3/4 of the screen or more and refuses to be made any narrower. Is there really no way to adjust the size of the window more?


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I have the exact same problem, used to be able to nicely split the screen in two halves, reference image on the left, Musescore window on the right. Now Musescore 4 stubbornly refuses to use less than about two thirds of the total screen width, even if none of the tools menus are opened or docked and regardless of the zooming of the page view.

This is really bugging me too. Seems like musescore still has quite a few issues to work out. Would also love if I was able to have to scores (tabs) in the same window again.

Yep, same here, hope this gets fixed. I too often view a pdf next to the Musescore window. I've played around with Musescore 4, but it's back to version 3 for now. Too many issues, one of which is this.

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