Mark Tree gliss sounds?

• Dec 19, 2022 - 20:36

The new Muse Sounds Percussion sound bank boasts the ability to have a now accurate Mark Tree sounds, however I cannot seem to find how thus works with the new Mark Tree Instrument in Musescore 4, as the default instrument only has a single gliss down note, and adding a roll/tremolo onto it simply repeats the sound. Is there anyway to use these new sounds?


I saw this post well after you posted, but it seems that the mark tree sound is applied to every pitch.

In a piece I have been working on, the Mark tree is part of many percussion instruments assigned to a part. So, I went into the instrument list and make the staff 5 lines. After this, I went into the "Edit Drumset" Menu and added another pitch at the bottom of the staff. From there, I am able to add glissandos up and down in the notation.

I know this doesn't help to achieve the actual sound of swiping up and down the Tree, but I hope it helps with the notation side of things

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Over a year late here, but arpeggio up/down changes the mark tree gliss between up and down (not a gliss)

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