Equalising two neighbouring note values.

• Dec 19, 2022 - 18:16

It is easy to turn 2 successive crotchets into a dotted crotchet followed by a quaver, merely by clicking on the "dot" symbol.
Does anyone have a useful way of doing the reverse? (converting dotted crotchet + quaver) into 2 equal crotchets with a single keystroke?


Not with a single keystroke, no.
The former works because extending a sound will make it "eat" the following thing.
But reducing a sound doesn't also mean "and move an unspecified number of other notes sooner and possibly lengten one of them".

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Yes, I tried selecting both notes and clicking the crotchet button but - no surprise - it doesn't shift the second one backwards!
I guess I'll have to live with it. It would require some addition to the software without doubt. Not a show-stopper but (for me) a constant pain as I often wish to revise my decision on equal / unequal note lengths.

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Many thanks jeetee, now loaded and used it.
My own requirement, namely equalising two adjacent notes, can now be achieved with 2 key presses,
(1) dotted crotchet --> crotchet
(2) newly created quaver ---> crotchet.
Much better than without the plugin. So thankyou!
AND the bonus is that the lyrics are not destroyed!!
THIS WILL SAVE me SOOO much time!!!

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