MS 2.0 crashing repeatedly

• Sep 21, 2014 - 13:34

The piece I'm writing is for orchestra and singers. About an hour ago the application began crashing whenever I tried to change the instrument list (dropping a flute part, for example), or tried to delete measures in a part, or other larger operations. I've rebooted, etc., but to no avail. It's brought the project to a stop.

I've attached the "backtrace.txt" that it produces each time it crashes.

If anyone has any suggestions for solving the problem, or finding a way around this, I'd appreciate if you'd write.


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backtrace.txt 11.58 KB


So you are talking about 2.0 Beta 1 (there is no 2.0 yet), right?

Does this also happen with the most recent nighly builds?
Could this be a pure Wine thing? I haven't seen this on a reaL Windoes 7 (although I do have seen crashes there too)
Can you attach the score that is causing the issue?

Deleting a measure in a part... by change the last measure, and participating in a volta?

Maybe a factory reset and/or reinstall helps?

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