Hairpins from main score not showing up in parts (score imported from MS3)

• Dec 19, 2022 - 14:28

I imported a score I'd been working on in MS3, and while the notation looks much better straight out of the box, none of the hairpins are showing up in the parts, they're not invisible they're just missing completely.

The first few hairpins appear in the flute and clarinet parts because I deleted them from the main score and added them back in again, I'm having to do this for all of the hairpins across all of the parts. :-/

edit - the hairpins play back correctly when viewing the part (i.e. when the instrument is playing solo) so the data is still there somewhere, just not appearing on the score.

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All my hairpins disappeared from the parts after a minor edit (removing a change instrument command) in OS: macOS 12.5, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.1-230121751, revision: 9b70a8c
Very embarrassing as I was recording with an orchestra and simply wanted to change an Eb Clarinet part back to Bb and didn't re-proof read all the parts before exporting!

thanks UPDATE: I have now discovered I can get them back by clicking on settings in the Intruments tab for each part and resetting formatting! (a faff but also a relief!)

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Trying to follow your advice. I can only find 'page settings' with each tab open and there is no option to do anything about invisible hairpins there. I've also looked under 'parts' and 'instruments'. Advice please, thanks. The advice given in MuseScore is incomprehensible to mere musicians.

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OK, I've cracked it. I opened 'instruments', clicked on the settings gearwheel and clicked 'reset all formatting'. The tab for each instrument has to be open every time or it doesn't work. This causes a few problems but not as bad as struggling with the hairpins. Hey presto, the invisible hairpins reappear.

Hi everyone (especially @johnmorton193) - am I just being REALLY stupid or is there no 'Reset all Formatting' in the settings of the instrument panel? I feel so stupid :) Sample score and screenshot attached. EDIT: Actually click on the first note/rest of the instrument at the top of the score then Ctrl + A then Ctrl + X then Ctrl + V. (Basically Deletes and Pastes it). Is a quick and easy fix but still would be nice if it was sorted out :)

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