Problem never solved: the Arpeggiato!

• Dec 19, 2022 - 10:44

After so many reports, the Arpeggiator problem has never been resolved or taken into consideration despite its importance:
look at the attachment and you will notice that the first example plays correctly while the second does not because the notes involved in the arpeggio are only those written in the treble clef (where the symbol has been assigned).
I really hope that this problem will be solved because for now it is impossible to have a correct play of example n.2 especially now that there is no more Piano Roll.
Good music

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Yeah that is very old problem. I hope it will be solved.
But it seems that the current focus is on orchestral scores and not on piano scores.
But wait ... perhaps this is also important for harps :)

EDIT: added excerpt from Chopin's Nocturne in C minor where there are some very fine arpeggios

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